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The Sickle Cell Anemia Society of Arizona, Inc. (SCASA) was founded in 1977 as a voluntary, non-profit corporation with a goal of providing statewide services to individuals with hemoglobin diseases. The founding board members had been prior members of the Citizen=s Advisory Committee to the Arizona Department of Health Services Sickle Cell Anemia Program. The Society has goals of assisting individuals with genetic hemoglobin diseases through the development and promotion of services, education, counseling, and advocacy.

Since its inception, the Society has heavily relied on the dedication of a select cadre of volunteer, dedicated professionals to further its services and activities, either by service on the Board of Directors, or other volunteer activities, which have included community and professional education and fundraising. These volunteers have included physicians, nurses, social workers, educators, ministers, counselors, community development workers, attorneys, community activists, family members, and various other interested individuals.

The Society has provided counseling services under a State Health Department contract since 1986, with services which have been available, acceptable, and accessible to clients. Meeting sites for the sessions have been variable at the choice of the client, and are provided at the office of the Society, in the client=s home, or at a place of mutual convenience. Most counseling concerns hemoglobin trait disorders, with ascertainment via the state=s Newborn Screening Program.




1818 South Sixteenth Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85034     ph 602.254.5048